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Works in Progress

There are quite a few works in progress hidden away in various places in my quilting space.. I have gathered some together and am posting them here- these are the ones I would like to work on, and hopefully seeing them up here will encourage me.

I have started again on the Fassett red bow tie quilt, only have the outer border to do. As I mentioned in my last post, I realize I need 96 blocks for this- almost as many as for the main body of the quilt. Quite discouraging. I’ll try to do a few every day to get that number down.

Next up: another quilt that uses a Fassett fabric, this one is just a baby-size quilt. I made the blocks with my favourite tool, Marti Michell templates ( this was the double wedding ring set). It sat unfinished for quite a while when I realized I had used the same purple batik in two of the blocks- bummer. I finally got the seam ripper out and replaced it. The points on this aren’t perfect, but that is never my most important criteria for a quilt, and I do love these colours together.

I have made a few of hexagon quilts, and love the look. But because I sew these on the machine, rather than by hand, it can be a bit tedious. Below are two sets of hexagon “scraps” that I have put together from some asian-inspired fabrics.. the red one will probably become part of a pillow cover one day. The other I envisage as a large panel down the centre of a bed quilt on a ground of a solid or fairly subdued patterned fabric.

Now we come to my more “traditional” WIPs. the first is a log cabin quilt. I always wanted to make one, and I found making the blocks pretty straightforward. But I am not loving the orderliness of it. This would make a fine baby quilt as is, but it doesn’t feel like me. So it sits…..

And last but not least, something I started a few years ago. I wanted to make a medallion quilt, and this is the centre block I was made. It doesn’t inspire me right now, so it too sits. Suggestions Welcome!

Oops. Almost forgot this one. I was playing with diamonds and loving the way various patterns jump out at you, but what to do with this?

Fassett Bowties: progress report

I started this quilt last summer, and finally spent some time piecing the blocks together. The reason for the long delay is I decided I would add the double row border that is on the original Kaffe version, in which he reverses the light and the dark in the pattern. Needless to say I did not cut these at the start, which meant I needed to dig out these fabrics again, didn’t have enough of some, so I needed to purchase more fabrics (sigh!).


Doing the math, I realized the double border almost doubles the number of blocks required. Right now it is 10 x 10 = 100 blocks. Two more rounds requires 96 more blocks! I’ve got them cut out now, but will take a breather from this.

Experiments with Bleach (part 2)

My last experiments showed me that a very brightly-coloured, highly-patterned fabric was ideal for bleaching. I dug out Fassett and Fassett-like fabrics. Red seems to be most influenced by the bleach. Unbleached sample is on the right, bleached is on the right. Click on images for a closer look.

These are less successful…. I was looking for a more dramatic change that I got here.

I am much happier with these samples….

This is fabulous! A little bleach doubles my stash. I’m going to leave them out to look at until I decide how to use them.

There is a quilt by Kaffe Fassett that I just love, and hope to use the bleached-out fabrics in it.. I found a copy of the image on another blog.  It is the bowtie quilt, third down. I have a lot of other projects to work on, but wanted to get started to see how it would look- here is a photo of it on my design wall.  I love it so far, but must put it away, as it is just TOO distracting.  You know what I mean: OK, I’ll just make one more block.