Trunk Show

I have vacancies for ZOOM talks starting October 2023.. book soon!

I am also available for a limited number of in-person presentations.. let’s see if we can work this out!

What did you do in the Covid Isolation of 2020? I’m sure that is a question we will all be asking friends in a few years, and hopefully we will all laugh and hug each other, glad those days are behind us.

But meanwhile, what have I been up to? I have always been fascinated with quilts based on one simple block, playing with colour and design possibilities.  I had made a few already, and knew there was so much more to explore. In the past few months, during the ongoing lockdown, I have been on a creative roll, and have so much to share with you. 

I have created a 45 minute trunk show to present via Zoom to your guild…I’d love to have you join me on this journey with quilts that range from simple to modern, bed quilts to pillows to art quilts. Be inspired by my design layouts and see how I play with colour using the humble tumbler block. Forward this link to those dedicated volunteers who organize presenters for your guild.

It is easy to build up a collection of blocks. Go through your scraps. Make blocks from leftover fabric after completing a quilt. Or spend an afternoon getting re-acquainted with your stash, cutting blocks as you go. Tumbler quilts are easy to construct, and there are endless possibilities for design and colour play. I’m certain you will soon be itching to make your own tumbler quilt- and won’t be able to stop at just one!

Want more information? My email address is

Finally, what else am I up to?

I have built up quite a collection of quilts.. Scroll through my blog for a deep dive into my quilting style. And check out my new Instagram page:

Some comments from my ZOOM presentation:

LR: Thank you Valerie. Love your use of colour! Inspiring!!

MB: Thank you so much Valerie! This is by far the most fascinating presentation I’ve attended!!

SB: Thank you so much for the fabulous and informative trunkshow… it left many of us amazed.

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