Baby Quilts

I worked in a research lab with a lot of people in their mid 20s to mid 30s, many of them married. Then they started having babies. It was early in my quilting career, so I decided to make baby quilts for the new arrivals. Little did I know we were at the start of a baby boom!

Baby quilts are such fun to make- they are about 1/4 the size of  a bed quilt, and they are small enough that you can quilt on a home machine. They are a great way to try new colour combinations, fun fabrics, new techniques, and build your confidence to tackle bigger projects. I especially love these “before and after” photos below.. baby is 12 year old here! The quilt looks so tiny. I was practising free motion quilting feathers in the white border.

I have made SO many baby quilts that I have included just a selection of them. The quilt of the horse is the only one that is from a pattern by Violet Craft, a true labour of love for Charlotte who at the time was into horses. Both granddaughters actually prefer the back fabric (no photo, but lots of stylized animals)!

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