Quilting Ventures

One of my passions is finding ways to expand the quilting world- expose as many people as possible to quilts, and expand the quilting world to quilters everywhere. Below are some of the ventures I have undertaken.

Quilts at the Creek…………….. 2012 – 2019

Quilts at the Creek was a labour of love that sprang from my love of quilts and the idea of exposing more than just quilters to a beautiful display of quilts. From the very beginning this outdoor quilt show was a great success, thanks to the help of so many people. Special thanks to the staff at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Bev Sturgeon, Jane Cramer, Shirley Dawson, Sandy Lindal and a host of other volunteers who helped to make it a success. The show ran from 2012 to 2019, running one weekend every summer. We showed over 2000 quilts in total, and had thousands of visitors every year. All good things must end, and along came COVID, which led me to QuiltTalk.

QuiltTalk……………………………. 2021

It may have only run for one year, but what a great time we had! Sandy Lindal and I were thinking about all the quilt professionals available on ZOOM during COVID lockdown, and decided to invite them to present to us- and any quilter who was interested. We chose speakers a guild might not be able to hire, either because of the price or the time difference. We had speakers and guests from all around the world. Such fun! Winding this down gave more time to work on my next project.. Tumbler Quilts- the book!

Our Presenters included: Victoria Findlay Wolfe, David Owen Hastings, MJ Kinman, Diane Harris, Gillian Travis, Brandy Maslowski, Brigitte Heitland, Luke Haynes, Kathy Doughty, Anna Maria Horner, Kimberly Einmo, and Jean Impey

Tumbler Quilts Book… coming soon!

Release date: October 2023.

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