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All I Want for Christmas..

is to finish this quilt… and I did it!

I made hundreds of triangles from my orange scrap basket while a snow bird last winter. (I have no idea where the yellow ones are now!!)


Well, I used a fair number of them up making this quilt. I made it as part of the Quilts at the Creek 2017 challenge: a red and white quilt to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Funny how you barely notice the orange!


I love the way I worked the corners, but I can tell you there were many times I had to remove blocks to get it right. I used the Marti Michell templates C19 & C 20 for the tricky(54-40 or fight blocks), and especially love how the  red “circles” really pop. Of course I still need to think about what I want on the back, and what kind of quilting it needs, but right now I just want to stare at it- SO pleased with it!

If you want to see it live and in person (and finished!) you will have to visit Quilts at the Creek 2017.

On the Wall in June

This is what it looked like 2 weeks ago.. wall

And here it is as of today.. about 1/4 of the way through.


I like the look of circles that is created. The orange triangles are pieced from my orange stash binge. I have way too many of these, this quilt won’t make much of a dent. Each block is 3.5″, so each large circle is about 21″. I need to think about:

  • how big I want this quilt to be
  • what I want in the centre of the orange triangles. I am thinking of the QSTs with blue and orange as holding that spot for something really spectacular
  • border or no border? I don’t usually put them on my quilts, but this one might look even better with a border

Thank goodness for Marti Michell templates for creating the trickier blocks! Stay tuned for progress on this quilt!

Missing My Stash

What quilting stuff do you take with you when you are going to be away from home for a while?

I brought small scraps of orange and yellow, and need to make about 400 blocks from them.. almost done! Notice the Marti Michell template. I do love these!

It is challenging working in a rented space, finding the right height counters to cut on, to sew on, and for ironing. The dining room table is cluttered with my stuff, which means it is easy to get started in the morning while partner is out golfing, but means I must do some tidying up for meals.


Now that I have almost finished these blocks, I need a new project. The local quilt shop, and the recent quilt show I attended here were both a wipe out in terms of fabric I would like, so I am off to check out the local Joanns. Fingers crossed..

We brought our cat away with us as well as our current bed quilt, so he would feel at home right away. He clearly is quite content here…


Another baby quilt

I bought another template from Marti Michell: from her one-derful one patch templates series. This one is the tumbler block, and so I decided to use it to make a quilt from my lovely purple yellow and grey fabrics.

The special corners really made the quilt fit together well, but were a little fiddly to cut. I really should have used my cutting turntable for this project. I tried a totally random layout at first, but found it too busy. I ended up making a few “sets” of blocks, where the same fabric is used back to back. The close-up shows one such block in yellow, and most of one in purple near the bottom.

And here is the fully-pieced baby quilt. I really love it- so simple to make, and it has a lot of visual interest. I especially like the colour combination. Quilting is my least favourite part of making a quilt, so it may sit there for a while as is… the “to be quilted” pile is going to topple over soon! Is there a mother out there who would use this for a baby boy, or is this a “girls only” quilt?


I was so happy with my colour combination, thinking how fresh and original it looked. Then I went looking for a fabric to use as the backing, and look what I found… except for the turquoise, all the colours I used are in this Phillip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemums Pastel fabric. I love this fabric, and now see my quilt might have benefited from more pastel/ whites thrown into the mix. I’m not sure I have enough of the Phillip Jacobs fabric for the whole back, so I may use it to make a central panel, flanked by the dark purple.

Works in Progress

There are quite a few works in progress hidden away in various places in my quilting space.. I have gathered some together and am posting them here- these are the ones I would like to work on, and hopefully seeing them up here will encourage me.

I have started again on the Fassett red bow tie quilt, only have the outer border to do. As I mentioned in my last post, I realize I need 96 blocks for this- almost as many as for the main body of the quilt. Quite discouraging. I’ll try to do a few every day to get that number down.

Next up: another quilt that uses a Fassett fabric, this one is just a baby-size quilt. I made the blocks with my favourite tool, Marti Michell templates ( this was the double wedding ring set). It sat unfinished for quite a while when I realized I had used the same purple batik in two of the blocks- bummer. I finally got the seam ripper out and replaced it. The points on this aren’t perfect, but that is never my most important criteria for a quilt, and I do love these colours together.

I have made a few of hexagon quilts, and love the look. But because I sew these on the machine, rather than by hand, it can be a bit tedious. Below are two sets of hexagon “scraps” that I have put together from some asian-inspired fabrics.. the red one will probably become part of a pillow cover one day. The other I envisage as a large panel down the centre of a bed quilt on a ground of a solid or fairly subdued patterned fabric.

Now we come to my more “traditional” WIPs. the first is a log cabin quilt. I always wanted to make one, and I found making the blocks pretty straightforward. But I am not loving the orderliness of it. This would make a fine baby quilt as is, but it doesn’t feel like me. So it sits…..

And last but not least, something I started a few years ago. I wanted to make a medallion quilt, and this is the centre block I was made. It doesn’t inspire me right now, so it too sits. Suggestions Welcome!

Oops. Almost forgot this one. I was playing with diamonds and loving the way various patterns jump out at you, but what to do with this?