Missing My Stash

What quilting stuff do you take with you when you are going to be away from home for a while?

I brought small scraps of orange and yellow, and need to make about 400 blocks from them.. almost done! Notice the Marti Michell template. I do love these!

It is challenging working in a rented space, finding the right height counters to cut on, to sew on, and for ironing. The dining room table is cluttered with my stuff, which means it is easy to get started in the morning while partner is out golfing, but means I must do some tidying up for meals.


Now that I have almost finished these blocks, I need a new project. The local quilt shop, and the recent quilt show I attended here were both a wipe out in terms of fabric I would like, so I am off to check out the local Joanns. Fingers crossed..

We brought our cat away with us as well as our current bed quilt, so he would feel at home right away. He clearly is quite content here…


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