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New Year Resolutions

1. Quilt more! Make some time each and every day to quilt.
2. Finish those works-in-progress (i.e. UFOs).
3. Use my stash.

OK, I’ve started another baby quilt, and I am in LOVE with how it is working out. I have spent some time browsing the internet for quilt inspiration over the holidays, and kept coming across patterns for Trip around the World. After starting my own I found these instructions on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website.

Here is a sneak peak of my work in progress- and it goes together so quickly!

Blocks are 9″ square, so this will be 36″ square. Will think about borders etc later, right now I need to make more blocks! I cut lots of strips of fabrics, and sorted them into sets of 6 colours. You can see some sets hanging on the right in the photo, ready to stitch together. There are also a few sewn together on the left- just need to cut into 2″ strips, remove the seams, arrange them in the right order and sew them together. Simple and fun!

As always, it will be heart-breaking to part with this quilt, but I am already dreaming of making it in more muted colours for a full-sized quilt.

And here it is, finished! I also blogged about this quilt here, where there are more photos of the free motion quilting I did on it.

Baby Trip

And there is a pattern on Quilters Cache that uses the same kind of random blocks of colour that I have been tempted to make for quite a while now.. called Sunny Lanes.

Next post will be photos of some of my other works-in-progress. Hopefully this will guilt me into completing them instead of diving into the next one -or two, or three projects.

Another baby quilt

I bought another template from Marti Michell: from her one-derful one patch templates series. This one is the tumbler block, and so I decided to use it to make a quilt from my lovely purple yellow and grey fabrics.

The special corners really made the quilt fit together well, but were a little fiddly to cut. I really should have used my cutting turntable for this project. I tried a totally random layout at first, but found it too busy. I ended up making a few “sets” of blocks, where the same fabric is used back to back. The close-up shows one such block in yellow, and most of one in purple near the bottom.

And here is the fully-pieced baby quilt. I really love it- so simple to make, and it has a lot of visual interest. I especially like the colour combination. Quilting is my least favourite part of making a quilt, so it may sit there for a while as is… the “to be quilted” pile is going to topple over soon! Is there a mother out there who would use this for a baby boy, or is this a “girls only” quilt?


I was so happy with my colour combination, thinking how fresh and original it looked. Then I went looking for a fabric to use as the backing, and look what I found… except for the turquoise, all the colours I used are in this Phillip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemums Pastel fabric. I love this fabric, and now see my quilt might have benefited from more pastel/ whites thrown into the mix. I’m not sure I have enough of the Phillip Jacobs fabric for the whole back, so I may use it to make a central panel, flanked by the dark purple.

Works in Progress

There are quite a few works in progress hidden away in various places in my quilting space.. I have gathered some together and am posting them here- these are the ones I would like to work on, and hopefully seeing them up here will encourage me.

I have started again on the Fassett red bow tie quilt, only have the outer border to do. As I mentioned in my last post, I realize I need 96 blocks for this- almost as many as for the main body of the quilt. Quite discouraging. I’ll try to do a few every day to get that number down.

Next up: another quilt that uses a Fassett fabric, this one is just a baby-size quilt. I made the blocks with my favourite tool, Marti Michell templates ( this was the double wedding ring set). It sat unfinished for quite a while when I realized I had used the same purple batik in two of the blocks- bummer. I finally got the seam ripper out and replaced it. The points on this aren’t perfect, but that is never my most important criteria for a quilt, and I do love these colours together.

I have made a few of hexagon quilts, and love the look. But because I sew these on the machine, rather than by hand, it can be a bit tedious. Below are two sets of hexagon “scraps” that I have put together from some asian-inspired fabrics.. the red one will probably become part of a pillow cover one day. The other I envisage as a large panel down the centre of a bed quilt on a ground of a solid or fairly subdued patterned fabric.

Now we come to my more “traditional” WIPs. the first is a log cabin quilt. I always wanted to make one, and I found making the blocks pretty straightforward. But I am not loving the orderliness of it. This would make a fine baby quilt as is, but it doesn’t feel like me. So it sits…..

And last but not least, something I started a few years ago. I wanted to make a medallion quilt, and this is the centre block I was made. It doesn’t inspire me right now, so it too sits. Suggestions Welcome!

Oops. Almost forgot this one. I was playing with diamonds and loving the way various patterns jump out at you, but what to do with this?

Hello world!

Welcome to the Crayon Patch.

I love to play with colour and pattern, and will share my adventures here in this blog.  I discovered quilting a few years ago, and still can’t get enough of it! There are so many creative people to learn from, so many techniques to try.

Here is a sampling of some of my recent quilt adventures: the two on the top row are baby quilts (the purple and yellow still waiting to be finished); the blue item on the bottom left is a placemat, and bottom right is the back of a quilt on our bed- my favourite right now. There is a shadow over part of it so it may be a bit difficult to see that there are two different greens used.