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Finished: Refugee Camp Quilt

I started this quilt quite a while ago, and never posted the finished project. Here is a photo of an intermediate step:


The dark blue square represent the settled area soon after the camp opened in July 2012.  The light blue areas were settled within 9 months, and the grey areas were settled within 18 months of the camp opening.The population had swollen to 80,000 refugees. The black lines are the main roads of the camp, and I have placed images of refugees making their way to the camp through the desert.  Zaatari has become a permanent settlement for these people.

Final quilt:

Closeup of refugees: These were made by gluing scraps of fabric for the body, and felt pen used to make a dot for the head, and 2 lines for the legs. Netting was applied to help attach these to the quilt.


Painting my Quilt

I made a plus quilt recently… I decided to make it one large plus from various yellow and blue fabrics, with white and beige for the background. I liked the idea of the large plus not being immediately obvious. BUT.. when it was done, I was not at all happy with it. It really needed more definition between the Plus sections and the Background sections.

So I took out my paints, diluted them down, and painted the lighter sections.. here is a section as I was starting the paint job.. replacing the white background with a light yellow paint. (Sadly, no “before” photo of the entire quilt.)



Below, you can see the completed yellow section.. much better! Next up, I starting work on the blue sections that needed more definition. Again, the fabrics were blue patterns on white, so I was changing the background to a pale blue. To speed up the drying  so I could get it done quickly, I put it in the dryer for a few minutes between sections.


And here is is, all done. I am much happier with this quilt top now, and am eager to get to the next steps. You know, deciding what fabrics/design to put on the back of the quilt, how to quilt it, etc etc etc..


Details, details:
The quilt size is 52 x 52″ , and these are the paints I used. Notice they can be made permanent by heat setting 5 minutes with an iron.