Finished: Refugee Camp Quilt

I started this quilt quite a while ago, and never posted the finished project. Here is a photo of an intermediate step:


The dark blue square represent the settled area soon after the camp opened in July 2012.  The light blue areas were settled within 9 months, and the grey areas were settled within 18 months of the camp opening.The population had swollen to 80,000 refugees. The black lines are the main roads of the camp, and I have placed images of refugees making their way to the camp through the desert.  Zaatari has become a permanent settlement for these people.

Final quilt:

Closeup of refugees: These were made by gluing scraps of fabric for the body, and felt pen used to make a dot for the head, and 2 lines for the legs. Netting was applied to help attach these to the quilt.


5 responses to “Finished: Refugee Camp Quilt”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Great work Val! Please put a close up of the people, did you paint them in or wonder under? just curious

    1. Valerie Avatar

      Good idea- I’ve added a photo and note about how i constructed them.

  2. janeblogging Avatar

    Well done – very moving and so terribly sad to think that so many people call refugee camps home.

  3. Beverley Sturgeon Avatar
    Beverley Sturgeon

    It’s lovely Val! I was wondering the same thing as Sandy – how did you make the people? And did you use some paint on the plain pastel fabric?The background in the finished photo looks completely different after the embellishment.

    1. Valerie Avatar

      I did a lot of colour washes with diluted acrylic paint over the background, as I just wanted a hint of colour (plus it is flipped upside down.. the lilac in the upper left is now on the lower right).

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