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Play Day

I really appreciate those days when I put aside everything that I need to do, and just play. I pinned a block on Pinterest called Ellen’s Snowball  last year, and a year later I still love it, so I decided to make one, in shades of blue. It is paper pieced, which I have not done for a while, and makes a 12 1/2″ block. It went together easily, and the very centre is not too bumpy, considering how many pieces meet here.

I now think I will make a medallion quilt, with this block as the centrepiece. I have accumulated quite a bit of blue / white fabrics, so I won’t need to visit any shops real time or online for more. (I think….). It may be a while before I get back to this, meanwhile it will hang on my design wall tempting me, and reminding me to research medallion quilts to see if there are any fun, interesting, new rounds that others have used in their quilts.

On the Wall in June

This is what it looked like 2 weeks ago.. wall

And here it is as of today.. about 1/4 of the way through.


I like the look of circles that is created. The orange triangles are pieced from my orange stash binge. I have way too many of these, this quilt won’t make much of a dent. Each block is 3.5″, so each large circle is about 21″. I need to think about:

  • how big I want this quilt to be
  • what I want in the centre of the orange triangles. I am thinking of the QSTs with blue and orange as holding that spot for something really spectacular
  • border or no border? I don’t usually put them on my quilts, but this one might look even better with a border

Thank goodness for Marti Michell templates for creating the trickier blocks! Stay tuned for progress on this quilt!

Missing My Stash

What quilting stuff do you take with you when you are going to be away from home for a while?

I brought small scraps of orange and yellow, and need to make about 400 blocks from them.. almost done! Notice the Marti Michell template. I do love these!

It is challenging working in a rented space, finding the right height counters to cut on, to sew on, and for ironing. The dining room table is cluttered with my stuff, which means it is easy to get started in the morning while partner is out golfing, but means I must do some tidying up for meals.


Now that I have almost finished these blocks, I need a new project. The local quilt shop, and the recent quilt show I attended here were both a wipe out in terms of fabric I would like, so I am off to check out the local Joanns. Fingers crossed..

We brought our cat away with us as well as our current bed quilt, so he would feel at home right away. He clearly is quite content here…


Busy, busy!

Just because I haven’t been posting does not mean I have not been busy. I have put aside my Zaatari quilt while I ponder my next steps.

Like most quilters who have been at it for a while, I have a number of unfinished projects and fabric leftover from previous projects. I have a great love for Cherrywood fabrics, and have a sizeable stash, as well as extra blocks. Here is the project I made with them, a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride.
I had made a star block with this fabric a while ago, but decided I did not want to make a full quilt of stars.. so playing with left overs, here is what I have made: IMG_2791 Truly, I have not made any new blocks, that is how many leftover bits and pieces I had. After much research on medallion quilts on Pinterest, and digging deeper into my Cherrywood fabrics box, I found some larger half square triangles that I had judged to be too dark. When I added them on the design wall, they looked fabulous.. Whew! This is coming together all too easily!
I had thought about making a smaller sized quilt with these fabrics, as I did not want to piece a million small pieces together, but now I am in love with it, and I think it needs to be a larger quilt. Right now it is 42″ x 42″… I am going to put it aside for a while and work on other things while I let this brew in the back of my head.

Teal Tumbler

I posted a work-in-progress photo of this quilt a while ago, and for some reason have not posted about it since. It has been finished for quite a while (note the snow in the garden). Binding a quilt is my least favourite part, but I am loving the colour orange with EVERYTHING right now, so this was done pretty quickly. (Note: click on photos for larger image). It is resting happily on our bed right now, as it has moved up to the top of my favourites list. This is a great design for those of you looking to use up your scraps, which I did here. I did limit my colour range, and am so happy with the palette I chose. Click on photos for closer view.


Here it is, completed:


.. and a close-up of the quilting. Love it!