Resolution Time!

It started so innocently. I was happily cutting blocks for a future project, when I remembered that I had made some similar shaped blocks in the past- maybe I could incorporate those too! Well, I have been happily making tumbler quilts during lockdown, and have created a trunk show based on those quilts. So I have made hundreds (thousands??) of tumbler blocks, and anything else I had been working on had been put aside. Searching through my piles, I came across a disheartenedly large number of UFOs, some ALMOST finished. I know there are more lurking somewhere, too. (note: I haven’t yet found those blocks that started it all). SO time to move these projects along… and NO NEW PROJECTS until I have made a start on these.

Wish me luck… and good luck with your UFOs in 2021.

One response to “Resolution Time!”

  1. Sandy Lindal Avatar
    Sandy Lindal

    Thats a lot of quilts to forget about lol Good luck!

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