Re-Working a Quilt

As a part of the series of quilts I made for my tumbler talk (look under the Trunk Show tab), I created a large (90 x 90″) bed quilt with a big mix of colours. The blocks were from my stash created from making all my other tumbler quilts. The only rule I tried to follow was to put a darker block beside a lighter block. Here it is.. no binding on it, as I wasn’t totally in love with it. When I got it home from the quilter I decided it was too big, too dominant because of the bright colours. Sorry Sandy, this quilt went under the knife/ rotary cutter.

Here is what I got out of this quilt:

So happy I decided to do this- the whole is less than the sum of the parts in this project!

2 responses to “Re-Working a Quilt”

  1. Barbara Gourley Avatar
    Barbara Gourley

    Great ideas Sis >

  2. Sandy Avatar

    love the headboard! you will have to add these ideas to your trunkshow

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