Re-Homing your Quilt Projects

When I signed up for this UFOvember, I was assigned the topic of re-homing. Well, since this is about UFOs, it is probably meant to be about re-homing those blocks that for some reason just sit there, staring back at you when you open a box to see just what is inside. But my story is about re-homing a quilt.

There are people who are interested in quilts, who just “get” them, and those who don’t. Working in a research lab, you are surrounded by intense people, who live and breathe science. Not many of them have the time or inclination to throw themselves into a time-consuming creative endeavour outside of science. So there were not many people who saw what I was up to outside the lab. One person who was interested, and loved what I was doing, approached me and asked if I would make her a quilt. I know from previous ventures that this can be a dangerous thing to do.. I much preferred selling someone something that was already made so there would be no surprises. She persisted. We talked about colours (bright), style (simple) and I researched patterns. I found a pattern online that was simple, and bright, and got the OK to proceed. I ordered the fabric, and got to work. I sent occasional photos to update my progress. All good. When it was all pieced, and ready to go to the quilter, I took a shot of it on my bed so she could see the final size and get an idea of what it would look like on her bed. Silence. One week of silence from someone who worked just down the hall from me. I was getting seriously nervous. Finally she came to visit, and told me she had changed her mind. My mind was racing.. she didn’t like it? But she had OKed the fabric, the pattern, the early photos! Maybe she was in a money crunch and couldn’t afford it? I asked if she would mind telling me why. “I’d rather not say.” was the reply. Things got frosty after that. The completed quilt sat in my house, and made me sad whenever I looked at it.

This is the quilt, which is the one I took with me to Black Creek Pioneer Village when I was pitching the idea of Quilts at the Creek. It was a big hit- the quilt and the show!

A year or two later, a girl that I had hired straight from school had a personal tragedy. This person was so bright, full of energy and enthusiasm, and became a real friend, despite a 30-year age gap. We later travelled to China together: almost 3 weeks sharing everything from a room to food to travel adventures solidified our friendship. When her 27 year-old brother died while completing a half-marathon she was devastated. When she returned to work I re-homed this bright, happy quilt to her. I like to picture her physically wrapping herself in a quilt given by someone who cares, and hope it helped her through the worst of times. The quilt had found its rightful home.

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