I have spent the first part of this morning making a list of things that I need to complete to enter into Quilts at the Creek, which is held July 28 & 29th. Some just need binding, others need quilting, so I certainly do not need to start anything new!

But when I started cleaning up my quilting area I found this box of 4″ squares and half square triangles in colours of blues, teals, and tans. I know these must be at least 7 years old, as it was in my early quilting days that I used these colours. And I have a still have a lot in this palette.

I promised myself I would just play with them for an hour- and I even set a timer.. two hours later I am putting the box away for another time, but I did make a dent in that project. One of the problems is that I did not put a sketch of what I wanted the quilt to look like, so I played with them for quite a while until I settled on simple diamonds on point. Hopefully seeing this post from time to time will remind me to finish it.

Right now I picture this as a nice picnic quilt… grass stains won’t show!

3 responses to “Distractions”

  1. Bev Avatar

    It is quite lovely Val

  2. Sandy Avatar

    I am sure there’re all sorts of goodies hiding in quilters closets, we should have a coming out of the closet challenge! lol

    1. Valerie Avatar

      Ha! Good one!!

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