Found Treasures

Once a year I spend some time sorting through my fabrics- donate to my local guild, toss, and “use it up” piles. I often find stacks of blocks that I had made as part of a project, but later abandoned for a variety of reasons. I rearely get through all my boxes of fabric, but I made a good dent this year.. and look what I found!

These star blocks were made with templates I had purchased from Baycreek Quilting Templates. Because the blocks did not finish square, I was kind of stumped in how to use them. Today I sewed them together, and they form a very nice circle.. I think I will applique them onto a background fabric… to be determined!

Next was this  pile of blocks: I know they are from my very early quilting days, so maybe ten years old. Time to use them or lose them!

Well I don’t even remember cutting these! a huge pile of half-hexagons in a wonderful range of colours, all solids. Yummmm..


Next up was the centre block, with the fussy cut matryoshka dolls. I got busy and added several rounds to make it larger, but I think I will put it aside and think about what the next round in this medallion quilt should be.


Last but not least are these paper-pieced arcs. The first set were used to make the quilt pictured below… that quilt has been sold, so I may make another version of it sometime soon. And finally, I was just playing when I made the bottom set of arcs-I didn’t have any kind of plan for them, and I still don’t!

Happy quilting!

2 responses to “Found Treasures”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Ha Ha everything looks like you except the circle of dolls. Its like a trip down memory lane!

  2. Beverley Sturgeon Avatar
    Beverley Sturgeon

    You must spend a lot of time cutting!!
    Re that huge pile of blocks with the inset strips- please ‘use ’em’ don’t ‘lose ’em’! You’ve done most of the hard work already!

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