And done!

I finally found a layout which I was happy with, and finished this quilt this morning.. now I need to decide what to put on the back. Hopefully it gets completed in plenty of time for Quilts at the Creek!

The colour is not quite right in this photo – hard to take photos on a sunny day- the second is more the actual colours. But you’ll have to see it for yourself by coming to the show July 28 & 29th 2018!

4 responses to “And done!”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    I love it – didn’t you post about it with a dark border

    1. Valerie Avatar

      No, I played with lots of arrangements, but did not try reversing the white and blue backgrounds. Made a dent in my white stash though- even had to buy a few more!

  2. Beverley Sturgeon Avatar
    Beverley Sturgeon

    That is so great Val! Beautiful.

    1. Valerie Avatar

      Thanks.. not sure how I feel about it, but time (and more blocks) will tell!

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