in the works…

I started making some blocks last winter while snowbirding on Saint Simon’s Island (gorgeous place, I highly recommend it- just north of the Florida border). Then they got “filed away” when I got back. While doing a major clean up I re-discovered them, and have made a few more blocks. Here is what I have so far.. although I am not sure what the final arrangement will be! The blocks are not sewn together yet, hence the slightly off kilter look of some of them. Hmmm. this would make a nice “modern version of the block. Maybe I’ll make a few off-kilter blocks for the back?
I was at Country Clothesline / Fabric Spark with Shirley and Jane, doing a pop-up to promote our upcoming Quilts at the Creek quilt show and celebrate National Quilting Day yesterday.  Of course when you spend several hours in a quilt shop you cannot- no matter how hard you try!- be drawn to at least one fabric which you must have… this is what I was drawn to:

…and or course some coordinating fabric.
. I am posting this to remind me of this project and think about what I’d like to do with them. But first I MUST work on all those other projects I have in progress or have bought fabric for. Sigh!

One response to “in the works…”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    I love the blue quilt!!

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