A Quilt for Baby

My son and his wife had a baby last May- so exciting to be a grandparent! They had decided they wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, so I decided to make two quilts.

One is a soft floral done in a traditional hourglass design. The fabric colour choice started out being out of my comfort zone, but I knew that my DIL loved these soft florals- and check out the fabric used on the back. I have come to love these softer tones too, and they will be included in future quilts for sure! You can see it has already been used and loved, so surprise! I have a lovely granddaughter, Charlotte Rose.
The other quilt I made was in blues- lots of blues! This made using the tumbling block pattern, but modified for ease of sewing. The white blocks are actually two separate blocks, which allows you to sew the quilt together in rows.. easier to see in the close ups. I had been saving the circus fabric for a special place, and the back of this quilt was it. Perfect!

2 responses to “A Quilt for Baby”

  1. Barbara Gourley Avatar
    Barbara Gourley

    Love both the quilts I look forward to making another baby quilt for Ethan and Karli when it happens. Barbara & Andrew Gourley gogobarb@gmail.com


  2. Sandy Avatar

    Yeah for quilting grannies!

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