Improv Block #1

Last year I took a workshop with Cheryl Arkinson. If the name does not ring a bell, think of Sunday Morning Quilts, A Month of Sundays, and You Inspire Me to QuiltIf you still don’t know Cheryl, you are missing out! She is a fabulous “modern” quilter (whatever that means these days!!), and will be coming to Quilts at the Creek to teach workshops in July 2017.

At that workshop (hosted by Hyggelit) Cheryl dumped a range of fabrics on our tables, and we spent the day playing: stitching, slicing and dicing, and evaluating our work. At the end of the day there was a draw for the pieces we had created.. and I won! So excited, but do I REALLY need more scraps??

There are so many blogs, books and classes out there these days about using up your scraps, and I now need to start clearing some of mine out. So I pulled out the box marked Cheryl Arkinson Workshop, and found lots of fun pieces. A few hours later, this is what I have made. It is ~24″ square, and will be the centre block of a quilt back for another project. ca_scrap


This was so fun that I may continue posting orphan blocks and working them up into larger blocks- and maybe one day, quilts!


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