I realize that I never posted the completed quilt of Ortegia, Valerie Goodwin-style, so here it is. It is hard to see the details on the island itself because of the black background, but I am pretty happy with the final result, except for the white roads. I tried various paints for this feature, but never got a completely solid line. Next time I would reverse the colours of the island and the roads, so black roads, white island. This is a small piece, about 28 cm (11 inches) square.


I have been playing with tumbler blocks a lot recently, and this is the other piece I finished a few weeks ago. This is such a bright and happy piece, it really makes me smile. I especially enjoyed filling the centre of each “cog” with a different design. Most of the design elements were fused to the background, and only needs a hanging sleeve to finish it up-  I have hestitated because I am not sure what orientation I want it to hang.  Size : 89 x 107 cm (35 x 42″).

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  1. Barbara Gourley Avatar
    Barbara Gourley

    I really like the new way of using tumbler blocks >

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