Something new..

I am finally finished with Quilts at the Creek, which has consumed much of my working and mental energy lately. Hurrah! Now I am ready to jump into some new projects. First up: I took Valerie Goodwin’s Favourite Places workshop. I’ve wanted to apply some of her techniques to my work for a LONG time. One of the surprises I had about her work is how small the works are- she manages to cram so much detail into every bit of her pieces- incredible!

On my recent trip to Sicily, I especially loved Ortegia, which is the old town of Siracusa, joined by a causeway to the mainland. This is the first map quilt I decided to work on, as a reminder of our time there. A very walkable place -don’t drive… nowhere to park!

There is a terrific market, lots of historical sites, great restaurants, and the narrow streets twist and turn, so you are constantly discovering new things. The plaza outside the Doumo is ringed with good places to eat, drink, and watch the world go by. Sigh!!

I am happy with the background on my piece and it came together quickly. Next up I will be working on details of Ortega: roads, buildings etc. Loving the process. I get to cut, paint, draw and play with all kinds of fun crafty things. This piece will finish at about 12″ x 12″ (30 cm square).

Stay tuned!

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