Work in Progress

This should rightly be called WORKS in progress, as their number continues to grow. After spending much of my time recently involved with Quilts at the Creek, I needed some quiet sewing time.

I have been looking at this quilt on Pinterest for a while, which is similar in design to another Amish quilt from Lancaster County c.1930 that I love, so I bought some pink and red solid fabrics, and have now finished the inner portion of the quilt. amish

A bit of a problem is that it is 38 1/4″ square, which is definitely an odd size, and makes adding the next round of square-in-a-square blocks difficult. I’ll need to add a narrow border on both sides of that block to make things fit, and keep it balanced. The second problem is that the half and quarter square triangle blocks are on the bias, but I think a good dose of Best Press and very careful sewing of the next round will fix that.

I next need to decide what colours to use in the next few rounds, although it might be hard to beat those in the original. Stay tuned!


One response to “Work in Progress”

  1. janeblogging Avatar

    Well done – looks great! Knowing how busy you are leading up to “the creek” I can’t help but appreciate your enjoyment of some quilting time 🙂

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