Private time…

I am one of the organizers for Quilts at the Creek, an outdoor quilt show held annually at Black Creek Pioneer village in Toronto, Canada. You can see photos from this year’s show here.. . But now it is over for another year, and I have some delicious time to myself to re-centre, and work on something totally fun and creative.

A group of us are planning a trip to Little India to check out Indian sari fabric, and this has been running through my head for the past few days.. so I have been playing with the idea of Indian women and their saris.. here is what I have on the design wall so far… OK, just looking at it here I can see her arms need work. But right now I need to take a break and think about where this is going next… Hope I get back to this soon!  


One response to “Private time…”

  1. janeblogging Avatar

    You are pretty unbelievable – my friend is so creative 🙂

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