Quilt Show Inspiration

I attended a quilt show in Wellington, Ontario (The Prince Edward County Quilt Show) with friends yesterday. Lots of quilts, and a range of styles and techniques. Here are a few of my personal favourites.. click on the first photo to see larger scale, and as a slide show).

I was most impressed with the work of one quilter, Bill Stearman. The first 4 photos are his quilts, though he had a number more on display that I also loved. We have met many times in the past year and a half in the quilting world. He has only been quilting for two years, but is an adventurous, creative quilter with a modern bent who knows his way around colour. His quilts are inspired by moments in his personal life, and events around him, adding another layer to his designs. And he is so much FUN- he will go far.

One response to “Quilt Show Inspiration”

  1. Bill Stearman Avatar

    Thank you for the kind words!
    I have met some inspiring quilters in this journey, and you are certainly one of them.
    Thank you, again.

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