Christmas delivery … part 2

I’ve been playing with the colours and layout for a Christmas runner- see my earlier post with my initial test blocks, made with templates from Marti Michell.

I finally settled on a very Christmasy red-and-green layout. Things have progressed, and I now have four of the seven blocks completed (click photo for a closer look), and have the pieces cut out for the final three. I actually had most of these fabrics in my stash, yes it is that large!

Here are the test blocks that I made and rejected for the runner- these will be quilted, turned into placemats, and donated to Meals On Wheels. They in turn give them to their clients. Hope they like them!

One more thing to share: my workroom is in the basement, and even with the lights on there are lots of dark spots, often too dark to work. I found these lights at Henry’s Cameras in Toronto. They came 2 in a box, with umbrella diffusers. When you put a photo daylight bulb in (250 watts!) it gives the most perfect light!

note:There is a warning: not for residential use, but I turn them on only when I am working in my space, so far so good- no fuses or bulbs blown.

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