Christmas delivery

I had a special request from a friend for a Christmasy table runner. Her house has a muted palette of off-whites with small touches of soft greens and reds. The perfect background for a bright red and green table runner, in my opinion.

I decided to do a star pattern in reds and greens, and browsed through all my books for star patterns that I was drawn to.. I am a HUGE fan of Marti Michell and her templates, and  own almost every template she sells. I ordered her A and B set (why didn’t I have these already?), and they arrived yesterday.  I decided to try the North Dakota block from Marti’s book. The circle outlines on the bottom right layout are mine, to remind myself what I want to emphasize.

I should go to the gym today, buy groceries, weed the garden, etc. but I am WAY too eager to play with my fabric and make some test blocks to do those things right now. Here is the first block I have made. I love the illusion of circles, although I might have been able to emphasize this a bit more with a slightly different choice of fabrics. I love it, and am really impressed with how those templates make it easy to get points to line up so well.

My first idea was to alternate red and green blocks, and through the wonder of Photoshop I don’t actually need to make the block to see what the layout would like like:

Good thing I tried this! I need to play with the blocks a bit to show the centre circles created where the blocks meet. OK, enough playing. I’ll make another test block later and post when it is done. Such fun!


………………. next morning, here is a green block, with the newer colouring:

Much better!

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