UFOs and Shopping

I have signed up to participate in Bobbi’s (theGeekyBobbin) UFOvember blog hop. Anyone who quilts will have UFOs in their house.. so what do other quilters do with them? There are lots of useful topics here.. from doing an inventory on your UFOs, getting back to them, re-working them, and when none of those help.. re-homing them! Follow along and see!

Day 1 is GeekyBobbin herself: See what she has to say on her blog link and check out her Instagram feed link.

Day 2 is Becca Fenstermaker of Pretty Piney Quilts: see what she has to say on her post titled I Wish I Knew How to Quilt You, and check out her instagram feed. She shares her ideas for creating a pdf that has a flow chart for your quilts, and is like a mini project planner. I’m not sure I am ready to bring all my UFOs into the daylight yet- but this might help!


So.. here we are talking about UFOs.. using your stash, finishing projects and all those other socially responsible things. BUT sometimes you just crave something new. To help with that UFO you are working on? To dream about a NEW project (that will NEVER become a UFO!)? Online shopping takes you only so far. I live in Toronto, and am desperate to look at new stuff. What quilt shops are open here to indulge this desire?

Len’s Mills  Len’s Mills has lots of fabric, mostly older, but you are likely to find SOMETHING you like. Fabric is not shown on their website, so you can’t check their stock out first.  Located just west of Dufferin, north of Lawrence, at 66 Orfus Road. Lots of parking.

Eweknit. Eweknit is located near the Ossington subway, so a good location if taking the TTC. They specialize in yarn, but do have an interesting fabric selection. Sadly they seem to be stocking less and less of regular quilting fabric, but if you like modern fabrics, check it out. If you look online before going, you will see their website is not up-to-date. Most of the fabrics I looked at were Out Of Stock. Sigh! Address: 832 Bloor St. West, Toronto. Street parking on side streets if you are lucky.

Country Clothesline. Country Clothesline is a lovely little shop in a more residential part of town. The fabric selection is good, both online and in person. And Sylvia is such a sweetie, it is a pleasure to stop and chat about life, Covid and new fabrics. They are located in the east end of Toronto, at  471 Cosburn Avenue, between Greenwood and Coxwell Ave.  Some parking available. 

These are the shops I have found.. if you know of any others add it in the comments below.

Then and Now

I have started posting a photo of one of my quilts every day on Facebook and Instagram. Whew! I didn’t realize how many I had made. When I was working in research, the lab was filled with graduate students and postdocs. When I began quilting, I decided to make a baby quilt for any lab member who had a baby… Today’s post was this baby quilt. It was made from one ombre fabric and solid white.

for Elsa

Fredrik, who is now an assistant professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, saw the post and sent me a photo of Elsa, now 11 with the quilt. So happy!

And I am thrilled to still be in contact with old lab mates through Facebook and Instagram.. they are scattered all over the world. Who knows, maybe Fredrik has started a trend. Let’s see if anyone else sends me an updated photo when I post their child’s quilt!

Keeping Busy in 2020

We quilters are very lucky people- we have everything we need to sustain us through months of staying home. Some of are finishing off UFOs, or starting new projects or busy making masks. Or sometimes all three!

A while ago I started a project that I thought would be a great quilt book: making quilts based a single block. The block I chose was the tumbler block, because it is SO versatile. I enjoy playing with layout and colour, and found using this one block a very satisfying way to do this. I had trouble finding templates, so I had some made, and have sold them via my Etsy shop ever since. I am running low, and have a new set on order right now!

During my lockdown at home I have made a LOT of tumbler quilts, runners and more.. and have put together a slideshow for a 45 minute ZOOM presentation. This is such a great opportunity to share my ideas with other quilters, and hopefully inspire them to try this approach to making quilts. I have started taking bookings for my presentation, and am planning on creating a shorter, 30 minute show for those who prefer a shorter talk. If you know a guild that is looking for a trunk show to inspire its members, contact me at vrprideaux@gmail.com

I have posted before about the quilt that inspired my tumbler series… a baby mat for my granddaughter Charlotte, who is now 3 1/2. The good news is that there is a new grandbaby on the way, and is due the end of December. So excited… my birthday is December 29th, and I think this would make a wonderful birthday present!!

I realize I have made a LOT of quilts since I started 15 years ago, so I am going to be posting one of my quilts each day on Facebook and Instagram, starting today! Links below…



Printing on Silk Organza

As I move more deeply into making art quilts, I need to learn and try new techniques. One of the things I am interested in is transparency, so I tried printing an image onto silk organza. Here are my results- very pleased!!

    1. original image
    2. tape organza down so that it stays smooth and doesn’t move
    3. image on label after printing
    4. left to right: label (lots of ink left!), transfer on silk organza, ink from label rubbed onto paper
    5. silk organza transferred image on fabric background




Roofs completed

Working with these colourful fabrics certainly brightens my day! I made one appliqued block to prove to myself that this is doable. This quilt has so much applique in it that I should improve by the time I am done.

Even cuter with chimneys added!

And now I have built all the houses!

Sadly, this was the easy part of the quilt. I now have to master applique. Wish me luck!