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Almost Home

As a person who does some quilting almost daily, being away from my stash for two months is a challenge. Obviously I needed to plan ahead for my snowbird vacation, and take work with me. This year I decided to work on some things that have been on the back burner for a while, as well as working on the pieces I started at QuiltCon.

I posted soon after I got here, excited about my curved piecing. I had decided I needed to work on drunkard’s path blocks to improve my curved piecing skills. I have a ton of 5″ charm square blocks.. they are so cute, and so beautifully packaged that I am instantly drawn to them. And they are the perfect size for the drunkard path block. I initially worked with all the greens I could find as I sorted through my stash, and combined them with Kona Snow.  Not enough blocks to make a quilt yet… I have a total of 185 blocks. I am thinking of making it 77 x 84″, which means I have made 35% of the total number I need. Not bad!

I enjoyed making these blocks so much that I selected more charm square blocks, and combined them with Kona Silver. I am only using one of the two blocks this pattern makes here (love circles right now!), so I will have lots of leftovers for another project, another day. So far I have only made 70 of these. Right now I am thinking of using them to make placemats and a table runner… we’ll see.

Before I left for Georgia, I spent a wonderful day with Shirley and Jane preparing fabric to make a one block wonder quilt. Can’t wait to see what their quilts turn out like! I love making this quilt as I don’t have to think about the fabric at all after I have made my initial selection, and I have made a number of these quilts already. After carefully setting up your fabric, just cut and sew, and watch with wonder how the blocks turn out. I found enough fabric in my stash to make 6 more of these quilts.. sigh! I pieced this while away, and photographed it hanging from a branch of a magnolia tree in our side yard.. lots of Spanish moss in the garden!

I made no progress at all on my version of the spiderweb quilt, posted about here. Mainly because I did tons of paper piecing to finish my blocks from Amy Friend’s Crazy Eights class I took at QuiltCon. I pieced these blocks into sets of 4, and decided to remove the paper at this point, as I know how hard it will be to work on a huge piece using forceps to get those tiny bits of leftover paper out. I will use tons of Best Press to stop the bias edges from stretching as I piece these blocks together. I made the blocks slightly smaller than the pattern called for so that the pattern would fit on standard letter sized paper. There are now 16 blocks, so this will make a 58 x 58″ quilt when completed. Making these blocks was fun, but removing the paper much less fun. Fingers crossed that I can get that all done without undoing any seams!

I belong to a small sewing group that meets once a month, and we do a gift exchange at Christmas. In 2015 I got a Lil Twister template. It involves sewing charm square blocks together, and then using the template to create new blocks. I have wanted to give it a try for a while, so I used a charm square pack and sewed a 40 x 40″ top. I found it easy to mess up the piecing together of these blocks, and ended up having to trash some of them. The final piece is pretty small: 21″ X 21″. It looks muddy to me, obviously I chose the wrong fabrics: solids or tiny designs would work best. Not sure what this will end up as, but I am glad I tried this template at last.

I made no progress on Heather Jones’ West Chester quilt or Violet Craft’s Bunny blocks (both mentioned in my last post). BUT there is one more project I have been working on.. my son and his wife are expecting a baby in 6 weeks (yeah!!), and are waiting to see whether it is a boy or girl.  I decided on this pale green colour, and here is my sweater so far. The pattern is from a book by Sublime, and I am making it in a machine washable acrylic. Size one, so I have a lot of time to get it done.

Photos from my retreat from winter… Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia.

MQG QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah Georgia

What a fun few days I have had! I spent 5 days at the Modern Quilt Guild’s quilt show, QuiltCon, held this year in Savannah Georgia. I saw lots of amazing quilts, great vendors, and took some fun classes. Here is what I got done in my classes:

Crazy Eights with Amy Friend, from her book Intentional Piecing 


This is a stunning quilt, and all through the use of various sizes of stripes in your fabric. Can’t wait to continue working with this one!

West Chester by Heather Jones, from her book Quilt Local


This was also a fun way to spend a day.. and I got 2 letters done. Yeah! (Not sure why the background looks blue-ish on the Y, it is not like that in real life).

Bunny by Violet Craft from House of Hoppington

The third class I took was a half-day class with Violet Craft, paper-piecing the bunny from her full pattern. This will take a while to complete- the pieces are TINY! But the bunny is so cute, I think that will be motivation enough to work on this soon. Maybe not the whole quilt though, unless I fall in love with her technique for paper piecing. Photos below are not my bunny.. I only pieced the ears in class!


Here is a link to Flickr with some quilts from the show- charity quilts, show winners, and just quilts I really liked. I have missed quite a few, but just put that down to being overwhelmed!

My friend Jeannie Jenkins won second place in the Traditional Made Modern category..  here is her stunning quilt! dsc04185

And finally, here are some photos from a challenge I was thinking of joining.. but didn’t! The photo of a building was the inspiration, and I love all the quilts that were inspired by it.