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Workplace Memories completed

This quilt was such fun to design and make, and I am thrilled with the result. I gave my long-arm quilter, Deb from (Bloomin’ Quilts and Tangles) free rein for the quilting. There was so much white space, I thought a zentangle design would really celebrate that space. She did a fabulous job! She used black thread in some areas, and white in others, in both the solid white and black areas. Here are some photos of the finished quilt..




and this is the back of the quilt:

Notice the 3 small photos near the top? These are a few people I had forgotten to include in the image area. I think it adds a nicely whimsical touch. They can be flipped to the front, as they just loop over one of the hanging tabs I made for hanging the quilt.

Workplace Memories

There is a co-worker who is leaving our workplace at the end of February, and I decided it would be fun to make a quilt for her that would include photos of everyone she has worked with in her years with us. I tried two different ways of applying photos to fabric, detailed below.

I added photos of some co-workers’ spouses (and one dog, that she routinely dog-sat for when her owners were away) to get an even 6 x 6 photo grid: 36 blocks at 2 inches square. The photos are not as fuzzy in real life as they appear here…

Although Rita loves colour, the quilt called for a simple black and white layout. The quilt will be 60″ square, with a hanging sleeve in case she can’t bear to use it as a quilt. Here is the final design:

I now have some quilting design decisions to make- quilt it myself, send it out, what should I use for backing? Borders? I’ll post again when I’ve got this done- I only have a month for this!

Photos to fabric:

I tried two ways to apply the photos. I had laid the photos out so that I would only need to print two sheets, 18 photos per sheet. The first was printing onto EQ printables cotton sheets. I am not a “do lots of test-printing on paper first” kind of girl, so the images from my first printing came out way too light. The next attempt was better, but I found the finished product too stiff for my taste. The cost of each sheet worked out to about $3.00.

My second technique invoices Avery 8 1/2″x 11″ labels #06503. I cut white, pre-washed quilting cotton to the same size, removed the backing of the label, and stuck it to the fabric. It ran smoothly through my inkjet printer. I then let it dry while I researched how to prepare the finished product so it would not fade. After cutting the individual blocks and stitching them together, I sprayed on a thin film of transparent Airbrush Medium to the surface. This did stiffen the fabric quite a bit, but it was still softer than the EQ sheets that I had tried. These labels were half the price of the above sheets,so it is definitely something I will continue to play with.

If you have tried other techniques that you are happy with, I’d love to hear about them!