My first published pattern!

I have made a lot of tumbler quilts in the past few years, and last fall I made this version. It features elongated blocks, and I used a lot of light fabrics for the tumblers. I had to buy some extra fabric as I do not have a huge stash of pale solid fabrics. When the quilt was completed and on my bed, and we turned out the lights- surprise! I had actually bought some glow-in-the-dark fabrics. Hilarious!I have always had a deep love of Cherrywood fabrics since I first saw them, and I thought this design would look especially good made with their fabric. Long story short, it is now a pattern and kit available on Cherrywood fabrics website. So exciting!

Here is the version I made for Karla of Cherrywood Fabrics, which is available through their website.

Cherrywood fabric is hand-dyed, and has a lovely feel. It has the look and feel of suede, and makes a very cozy quilt. One of the other hats I wear is one of the organizers of I am so excited that Karla Overland will be doing a presentation on quiltTalk on October 13th 2021. Here is the link for tickets to Karla’s presentation! Plus I have some of her fabulous fabric as a giveaway.

This was not my first go around with Cherrywood fabrics. Here are two I had previously made..

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