A Little Improv

I am a member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild, and in June we had a president’s challenge. We were paired up with another member, and each drew a coloured crayon. We got lime green and blue, and we decided to each make a block with our chosen colour, and then swap. Sue and I made the swap a month ago, and I have been staring at that block for a month with quilter’s block. The kind when you have no idea what you want to make. We have our next meeting tomorrow, so this morning I finally decided to get busy with it. I did lots of improv piecing, and incorporated her colours into my border as well as the blue of my crayon. Improv sounds way easier that it is! This is the result.. hopefully she likes it!

I am entering this quilt top in the Bloggers Quilt Festival..

4 responses to “A Little Improv”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    looks cool add 4 more and you have a quilt!

  2. Christine Weld Avatar

    I think it turned out great! I like how the four sides of the border work well together but are all a bit different. Nice job! And I love the term “quilter’s block,” by the way…might be borrowing that one!

  3. The Joyful Quilter Avatar

    I like that you pushed the quilt to turquoise. Looks like it’s going to be a fun quilt!

  4. Tu-Na Quilts Avatar

    Great color combination. Very pretty! I haven’t done improv yet. I’m still coloring inside the lines.

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