Decisions, decisions

More progress being made, more decisions.  I have painted the background (no photo- you’ll have to wait for that!). Which orange to use? Here are 5 slightly different shades I can use. I chose the darkest.

Next: multi-coloured or single-coloured dots? I think I will use only yellow, but a slightly darker yellow on the lightest fabric. Also, I tried two different thread weights- you can’t even see the thinner thread on the middle test swatch, so definitely the heavier white.

Next steps:

  • painting ALL those squares with dots of yellow paint
  • stitching the camp area
  • making thousands of “people blocks” and deciding how/ where to attach them

Then I will step back and look at it again before proceeding…

2 weeks later:

Painting on background done, background quilted and now the background is ready for refugees.

Refugees made and attached to quilt,  tents and buildings in place.
refugees camp

Almost done! Still to do:

  • attach roads
  • attach camp to background
  • touch ups
  • final quilting

No more photos now until this is done!

One response to “Decisions, decisions”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Cant wait to see the final product, thanks for sharing your process!

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