Holiday Project

Christmas is done, and I have a few precious days all to myself. I love to take this time to work on something new- I can work on other projects later, this is all for me.

I have a small pile of fabrics to use to make a one-block wonder quilt – they are fun and fast to make, and always a surprise. This year I decided to time myself to see how long each step takes…..

Here is the fabric I started with: it is called Born to be Wild by Hoffman, and comes in several delicious colourways. Almost too beautiful to cut up!


  • Iron fabric & cut into ~24″ blocks, align layers and cut strips: 1 hour
  • cut one strip (now consists of 6 layers 3 3/4″ wide by 40″ long) into 60-degree triangles (yields 17 sets per strip), sew units into half-hexagons: one hour
  • repeat last step 6 more times

Total time: 8 hours total so far. I did not do this all in one day- it was spaced out over 3 days. Final step is placing hexagons on design wall and playing until the design flows. Here is a photo of the arrangement I ended up with.

And if that wasn’t enough fun, I am now off to the quilt shop to look for fabrics for the borders and the backing. I will probably a purchase a solid for the back, as I may make a row of orphan blocks down the centre back of the quilt- see attached test layout. It may take a while for me to sew the rows together and get this quilted, but I will post a pic when it is finished.

Such fun! This project has really helped me de-stress after a hectic few weeks of cleaning, cooking, family, friends and parties.

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