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Kathy Doughty’s Comin’ To Town

Kathy Doughty, of Material Obsessions, will be in Toronto this summer doing 4 days of workshops, along with a trunk show/lecture. She is being hosted by Quilts at the Creek, and you can find out about this fabulous outdoor show (and enter a quilt or two!) on their blog. I have always been totally impressed with her bold mix of patterns, colours and fabric styles all in one quilt.

I may not be as brave as her, but she was the inspiration for these two quilts. The first is Soul Searching (from her book “Making Quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession)”.



The second quilt is from her Super Nova pattern in “Adding Layers: Colour Design and Inspiration”. My version is mostly blue florals and looks way better in person. Choosing the fabrics and putting it all together went very smoothly, one of the quickest quilts I have made. Just need to decide what backing to use. Hmmmm.

They will both be on display at Quilts at the Creek- see you there!

Busy, busy!

Just because I haven’t been posting does not mean I have not been busy. I have put aside my Zaatari quilt while I ponder my next steps.

Like most quilters who have been at it for a while, I have a number of unfinished projects and fabric leftover from previous projects. I have a great love for Cherrywood fabrics, and have a sizeable stash, as well as extra blocks. Here is the project I made with them, a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride.
I had made a star block with this fabric a while ago, but decided I did not want to make a full quilt of stars.. so playing with left overs, here is what I have made: IMG_2791 Truly, I have not made any new blocks, that is how many leftover bits and pieces I had. After much research on medallion quilts on Pinterest, and digging deeper into my Cherrywood fabrics box, I found some larger half square triangles that I had judged to be too dark. When I added them on the design wall, they looked fabulous.. Whew! This is coming together all too easily!
I had thought about making a smaller sized quilt with these fabrics, as I did not want to piece a million small pieces together, but now I am in love with it, and I think it needs to be a larger quilt. Right now it is 42″ x 42″… I am going to put it aside for a while and work on other things while I let this brew in the back of my head.

Teal Tumbler

I posted a work-in-progress photo of this quilt a while ago, and for some reason have not posted about it since. It has been finished for quite a while (note the snow in the garden). Binding a quilt is my least favourite part, but I am loving the colour orange with EVERYTHING right now, so this was done pretty quickly. (Note: click on photos for larger image). It is resting happily on our bed right now, as it has moved up to the top of my favourites list. This is a great design for those of you looking to use up your scraps, which I did here. I did limit my colour range, and am so happy with the palette I chose. Click on photos for closer view.


Here it is, completed:


.. and a close-up of the quilting. Love it!


Works in progress

I broke the 5th metatarsal in my right foot 2 months ago, which meant I could hobble to work and back, but otherwise I spent a lot of time at home. The upside is that I managed to move a few quilts closer to completion… and start a few new ones- yeah!

First, I got more work done on my HST quilt made with Cherrywood fabrics. I’ve got LOTS of blocks made, but still not enough for a generous-sized quilt for our bed.  It is on hold until one last bag of scraps arrives, but I have settled on the final layout of the quilt. This is the centre block, below. The rest of the quilt will be more rows of the mid-size blocks. I am loving it!


Every year I make one quilt for our guild’s community quilts program. They supply the fabric, you make the quilt. Last year I picked up a pile of red, orange and yellow fabrics from them, and I do love star quilts, so here it is! Sandy Lindal of Scrappy Gal Quilts did a fabulous job of quilting it, and turned it into a stunning quilt. Hopefully someone will cherish it for a very long time. (The cat does not go with the quilt!).


I seem to have collected a lot of teal/turquoise fabrics over the years, and it is time to start using them up! I am making my favourite kind of quilt- a one-patch with a restricted colour palette, lots of variations in hue and saturation. Hoping to make this to fit a double bed.
There are probably a few other things starting to take shape that I will share when they get a little further along.. I do love making quilts!

One more project…

One of the big expenses of making quilts is the cost of fabric. I recently purchased 2 grab bags from Cherrywood Fabrics. This is the most wonderful fabric. It looks and feels like suede, and comes in a huge range of colours. I wouldn’t be able to decide what colours to choose if I had to, so the grab bag saved me the agony of choosing, and was a lot cheaper than choosing 30 or more colours. This is what I got.. some of it, at least. Average size was 9″ x 7″.


And here are a few of the blocks I have made so far. Not sure what the final design will be, but I am starting with half-square triangles. The final size of these blocks will be 3 inches, so I have a LOT more to make. I am not sure what size quilt I will end up, but plan to use almost every scrap I have. I am very pleased with the way the colours work together so far.


I started to look around to find other quilts made with this fabric, and here are a few links:

Quilts by Joyce blog

Diane Gaudynski’s log cabin quilt

And here is the link to theĀ Cherrywood Fabrics website. Also check out their modern section… Although the fabrics are available online, you can also find them in select quilt shops.

Ta-da! The completed quilt, hanging on the side of the barn at Quilts at the Creek quilt show. So lovely, hope Chris and Barbara like it!