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UFO update

This is slow going! This is now 1/4 done, and love the look. I had not realized when I saw the original pattern that this needs a lot of darker fabrics to help highlight the bright. so back to the cutting board! One good side effect is that my solids are grouped together, and are much more organized.Since you use just a few 4″ squares of each colour, it does not make a dent in your stash. Pattern Color Confetti by Timna Tarr. Love her animal pieces too! Here is a woman who loves colour as much as I do!

200 to Go

The Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild has set up a UFO group, and I have so many unfinished projects, I signed up immediately. Since I have a ton of other things on the go, I promised myself I would devote (just!) one hour a day to this challenge. Sigh! Almost 3 weeks later, here is what I have accomplished.

I had originally started by cutting out 4 1/2″ squares, and thought I had quite a lot made. So when the challenge started, I cut out more. Here are the blocks I have made so far. I am halfway- only 200 more to go! I had not realized how labour-intensive it was to sort through all my solids, cut out squares and strips, and sew them together. It sounds so easy! At this rate I won’t get through many of my UFOs before summer.

There is definitely a lesson here… turn off the outside noise. No new projects. Sew, sew, sew!

Oven Mitts

I purchased a really cute pattern to make some oven mitts that looked like cupcakes. My sister and I decided we would make a few of them when I visited her last October. We got busy, and never got around to doing this. A few weeks later, just before Christmas, I decided to try this pattern. Truly amazing coincidence- my sister tried this pattern the same weekend!

So yes, they are very cute… BUT totally useless! you cannot put your hand in the top area and try to hold a cookie tray, or anything at all. Your hand just slips out. Sigh!

Wedding Ring Quilts

I have a niece who got engaged last year, and I reached out to find favourite colours to make the couple a quilt as a wedding gift. My friend and quilting buddy Sandy has TWO wedding quilts to make, and we both decided to make the Big Fat Wedding Ring Quilt, which makes a fast and easy quilt riffing on the traditional wedding ring quilt. Designed by QuiltSmart, you can order a kit, which gives a fusible material for the arcs. Their design uses fat quarters for both the backgrounds and the arcs, and goes together quickly.

I decided to use a gradient of blues as the background, and piece the arcs from a variety of blues from my overflowing stash. Below is the original design. I am playing with EQ8 these days, and did a sketch in that program to get a sense of what I intended. (ignore the writing on my printout!) There are more arcs in my design than theirs, and I will make a decision about that as I get closer to the end.

And here is what I have done so far..My design wall is not large enough to get all the pieces up there at once. Hence some of the arcs scattered on the wall.

It is always fun to play with a pattern you like to make it your own, and this is no exception.

Sandy’s version will be in a muted palette, hopefully we can get a photo of them all together at some point. Can’t wait to see how her quilts progress!