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My first published pattern!

I have made a lot of tumbler quilts in the past few years, and last fall I made this version. It features elongated blocks, and I used a lot of light fabrics for the tumblers. I had to buy some extra fabric as I do not have a huge stash of pale solid fabrics. When the quilt was completed and on my bed, and we turned out the lights- surprise! I had actually bought some glow-in-the-dark fabrics. Hilarious!I have always had a deep love of Cherrywood fabrics since I first saw them, and I thought this design would look especially good made with their fabric. Long story short, it is now a pattern and kit available on Cherrywood fabrics website. So exciting!

Here is the version I made for Karla of Cherrywood Fabrics, which is available through their website.

Cherrywood fabric is hand-dyed, and has a lovely feel. It has the look and feel of suede, and makes a very cozy quilt. One of the other hats I wear is one of the organizers of I am so excited that Karla Overland will be doing a presentation on quiltTalk on October 13th 2021. Here is the link for tickets to Karla’s presentation! Plus I have some of her fabulous fabric as a giveaway.

This was not my first go around with Cherrywood fabrics. Here are two I had previously made..

Evolution of a Quilt

I have been making a lot of tumbler quilts, especially since Covid isolation began. This is the latest in that series. I was inspired to use my collection of striped fabrics, most of them Kaffe Fassett. Here are some of the photos I took along the way. The quilting is not very visible, on purpose! Quilting was done by Sandy Lindal Beintima of Scrappy Gal Quilt Company. , and we used straight line quilting to complement the fabrics. (sorry, no binding yet!)

Scroll through the slideshow below to see my progress.

On the Wall 2013 /2015/ 2018

I found this old post in my drafts… it made me smile, as I did finally find a way to make these blocks work for me, and I have posted about the final solution in the past.

Well the year is coming to an end pretty soon, so I thought I should post what is “On the Wall” these days. In 2013, I posted these blocks. Since I have been moving more and more to modern quilts, I just cannot find the time or energy to work on this one. I hope to one day finish it, somehow with a modern twist.. 


Here is the final version I made, which I still love. It came when I took these blocks out and slapped them haphazardly on my design wall. a eureka moment for sure! Displayed at Quilts at the Creek 2018.

One Block, Two Quilts

I thought I was over my obsession with tumbler quilts, but there are SO many design possibilities with just one block. Here are the two most common designs, but even in that are so many choices with so many outcomes. Here are the two most common layouts for this kind of quilt.. the first is white or off-white blocks alternating with colour. Thank goodness I have a bottomless stash and a design wall!

The second quilt has exactly the same number of blocks, and used the same template. This layout is called lava lamps.. I did allow myself to play with colour. Why do I have so much blue fabric??

The one final thing I played with is the quilting. Confession time. I do appreciate that quilting adds another dimension to quilts, but it is not something I am comfortable with. Luckily I have a friend who loves quilting, and we trade techie computer help (me) with long-arm quilting (her).

I played a bit with contrast, etc in these photos to try and show the quilting more clearly. Love the pattern choices and the quilting by Sandy Lindal, Thanks Sandy!!