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Printing on Silk Organza

As I move more deeply into making art quilts, I need to learn and try new techniques. One of the things I am interested in is transparency, so I tried printing an image onto silk organza. Here are my results- very pleased!!

    1. original image
    2. tape organza down so that it stays smooth and doesn’t move
    3. image on label after printing
    4. left to right: label (lots of ink left!), transfer on silk organza, ink from label rubbed onto paper
    5. silk organza transferred image on fabric background




Roofs completed

Working with these colourful fabrics certainly brightens my day! I made one appliqued block to prove to myself that this is doable. This quilt has so much applique in it that I should improve by the time I am done.

Even cuter with chimneys added!

And now I have built all the houses!

Sadly, this was the easy part of the quilt. I now have to master applique. Wish me luck!

And now for something completely different..

A member of York Heritage Quilters Guild recently showed a quilt that blew me away- it used a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabric (of which I have a LOT- the colours are stunning) and the pattern wonderful. Last week I was still thinking of it, so I ordered the pattern:  “The Village” by Kim McLean from Hyggeligt in St. Marys Ontario.
This project is a great distraction from what is happening in the outside world right now, and who doesn’t need that? I should end up with some new skills, and a very different quilt from my usual style- AND blogging about it should be an incentive to keep on track.

I have rarely (actually, probably never) made a quilt from a pattern, and I do not ever do hand applique, so even I am interested to see how this progresses.

I instantly adapted the house block- the door now reaches to the bottom of the block, and I removed one piece which looked odd to me. I also paper-pieced the roof. Below are images of the pattern, and my first block.

There are SO many design/colour choices to make that I decided to make the three pieces of the house- the chimneys, the roof and the main body- separately, and sort out the final arrangement when these are all made. There are 25 houses in the pattern, so I have a ways to go. Below are some of the pieces I have made to date.

Such fun! The animals are so charming that I may try making one now, to calm my anxiety about applique. Stay tuned!

I realize that I never posted the completed quilt of Ortegia, Valerie Goodwin-style, so here it is. It is hard to see the details on the island itself because of the black background, but I am pretty happy with the final result, except for the white roads. I tried various paints for this feature, but never got a completely solid line. Next time I would reverse the colours of the island and the roads, so black roads, white island. This is a small piece, about 28 cm (11 inches) square.


I have been playing with tumbler blocks a lot recently, and this is the other piece I finished a few weeks ago. This is such a bright and happy piece, it really makes me smile. I especially enjoyed filling the centre of each “cog” with a different design. Most of the design elements were fused to the background, and only needs a hanging sleeve to finish it up-  I have hestitated because I am not sure what orientation I want it to hang.  Size : 89 x 107 cm (35 x 42″).

Something new..

I am finally finished with Quilts at the Creek, which has consumed much of my working and mental energy lately. Hurrah! Now I am ready to jump into some new projects. First up: I took Valerie Goodwin’s Favourite Places workshop. I’ve wanted to apply some of her techniques to my work for a LONG time. One of the surprises I had about her work is how small the works are- she manages to cram so much detail into every bit of her pieces- incredible!

On my recent trip to Sicily, I especially loved Ortegia, which is the old town of Siracusa, joined by a causeway to the mainland. This is the first map quilt I decided to work on, as a reminder of our time there. A very walkable place -don’t drive… nowhere to park!

There is a terrific market, lots of historical sites, great restaurants, and the narrow streets twist and turn, so you are constantly discovering new things. The plaza outside the Doumo is ringed with good places to eat, drink, and watch the world go by. Sigh!!

I am happy with the background on my piece and it came together quickly. Next up I will be working on details of Ortega: roads, buildings etc. Loving the process. I get to cut, paint, draw and play with all kinds of fun crafty things. This piece will finish at about 12″ x 12″ (30 cm square).

Stay tuned!