Are you ZOOMing?

Zoom lectures and workshops are a great way for quilters to hear from creative, talented people while in lockdown. We are all looking for things to keep our hand and our minds busy!

I got to thinking about which quilters I would like to hear from, and a conversation with Sandy Lindal started the ball rolling. We set up and have booked an exciting list of presenters. We’ll be adding them to the schedule when all the details are settled and contracts are signed. We had hundreds of attendees at our inaugural talk by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and our upcoming presentation by David Owen Hastings has been sold out for a while. I encourage everyone to check the schedule often, and sign up for email alerts. Tell your friends too!

This is a labour of love on our part, but we are happy to do the work- we love being able to offer this to our quilting community. Who doesn’t love seeing quilts, hearing about quilts, ready to start another quilt?

We will be adding some workshops along with the lectures in future, so keep your eyes peeled. AND feel free to email us your dream list!

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