Resuming: Moving those UFOs along

You abandoned those projects for a reason- too boring, didn’t like it, too hard, not enough time. The excuses are endless. Check out the bloggers below to see how they got inspired to resume one (or more!) of their projects:

November 7 – Sarah Ruiz –
November 8 – Teresa Weaver –
November 9 – Karen Brown –
November 10 – Bobbi Bridgeman –
November 11 – Raylee Bielenberg –
November 12 – Althea Gyde –
November 13 – Kenzy Hogan –
November 14 – Leanne Parsons –
November 15 – Jessica Caldwell –

Hopefully you will be find inspiration here.. it is amazing how guilty you can feel about an unfinished project, and how great you feel when you do actually get back to it. Even just moving it further along in the process can be a big relief.

Here is my resumed work: I purchased this as a quilt kit earlier this year.. my 3 year old granddaughter LOVES horses and rainbows, and this would be great on her big bed. The finished quilt measures 60 x 60″, and is designed by Violet Craft.. I decided it would be a Christmas gift, and got started. Paper piecing is not my favourite thing- how do I always cut the fabric too small??- and during the Covid lockdown I got distracted with other, simpler tasks like making masks, and making my favourite kinds of quilt. That is a simple design, with lots of playing with colour. In fact I made so many tumbler quilts I have a 45 minute Zoom presentation on the subject.

Suddenly Christmas doesn’t seem so far away, and I still have 1/3 of the pieces to paper piece, then I need to put it all together and get it to the quilter, and finally the binding, all in about 6 weeks. Gulp! Wish me luck!!

2 responses to “Resuming: Moving those UFOs along”

  1. myquiltingtutorials Avatar

    Not your usual style Val, it is amazing what you will do for a grandchild

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