UFO Inventories

Joanne Kerton of Canuck Quilter Designs (see her on Instagram) shows us some of her UFO inventory and why those pieces became UFOs. She has a lot of almost-done quilts. Maybe she needs a long-arm quilting friend to just get them done. But wait, who am I to talk?

Sue Griffiths of Duck Creek Mountain Quilting has some pretty awesome pieces in her UFO list. I especially love her William Morris applique piece, near the bottom of her blog post.

Two more bloggers will be tackling the topic of UFO inventories. so I will post about them soon. Meanwhile, here is my experience with creating that inventory.

I know the first rule for UFOs is to take an inventory. First, I started with just a list.. I think you can see how this went for me. Not well.

I am a person who loves to find the best way to organize things… So I bought a new binder, made a template page to use for my UFOs, and started.. see photo below. You will quickly realize that I had quite a bit of time devoted to this already.

So I started going through all the places I store fabric and projects — past present and future. I found so many wonderful fabrics that I started to add them as “unfinished” projects. These were so tempting I wanted to jump right in- I had to stop myself! Meanwhile I had found 20 UFOs so far, with no end in sight. This was taking way too long- I could have finished a project with the time I had spent here! Looking back at this book I had created, done in 2016, I see I have finished seven of these projects. One I packed up and donated to Value Village in frustration (paper-pieced, with too many intersections with too much paper). Hopefully some quilter stumbled on it and thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Blog Hop Schedule

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November 30 – Natalia Knowlton – http://NerdyQuiltersBlog.blogspot.com


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